Expert insights: Gjorgji Acevski

03 December 2020

Challenging is just one way to describe the year 2020! Gjorgji Acevski, VP Technical at Magnetic Leasing, shares a few of this insights about the main challeges in 2020 and what’s in store for us next year. Check his insights:

What were the main noticeable changes in lease this year?

GA: Considering the market changes caused by COVID 19, the lease charges significantly decreased, which lead us to stretch a bit and become even more flexible with our customers. Even some of the customers were not so reactive, we still managed to keep control of our assets.

How did Magnetic Leasing coping with these changes? Maybe there were some out-of-the-box solutions ML has offered clients? 

GA: We needed to feel the market pulse and react as such, offering even lease holidays, to prove our flexibility and customer focus approach. I believe all these solutions proved to be relevant this year and were appreciated by our existing – and new – clients.

What are the predictions for the future? How these changes will shape how we lease and which changes are temporary, which, in your opinion, are here to stay?

GA: We feel the market will start to defrost starting next year (most probably early Spring) and slowly revert to normal, most probably by the end of 2021. So we are staying optimistic and keep on working to grow our company and continue expanding the asset pool and customers portfolio.